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Application Discovery

Competent discovery is crucial to avoid loss of time and unnecessary communication at packaging and at user acceptance.
Pressmen engineers discover the behaviour and proper settings of source application and provide the input document for application packaging. Discovery will be done remotely from our offices on a customer build or on-site at the given customer.

Our Team has experience working with Application Owners in multinational environments. We know how to get the necessary application related information from busy, non-technical professionals in other industries or services. The default language used is English but our engineers speak some other European languages as well.

Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing

Precondition of quality software is thorough testing, Integration testing is the key to achieving quality.
Tests are performed within the control test environment that is a simulation of Customer’s working environment. The Integration test consist of checking the package installation, repair and uninstallation, basic functionality of the application on the base OS image.

After successful testing the Software Lifecycle Engineer contacts the respective application owner and supports the User Acceptance session to verify the functionality and the acceptance of the request.